Terms of services

Welcome to getinopcfree ! Here are the ways that you can and can’t use our website.


By using the information, services and products available through and downloading any software, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions that we have laid here. Getintopcfree offers the products available having no warranties. Our website cannot be held responsible for issues or faults that arise from the download or use of the apps.

Linking to our Website

You may link to the home page or subpage of our website provided that you comply with the following terms:

  1. You do not link to any images displayed site except where you are permitted by us to do so. We have the right to withdraw any such permission without notice and to demand that you remove any links to our images.
  2. You will not link to our Website from any website which is not owned by you or which is acting unlawfully or inappropriate.
  3. Our Website must not be framed on any other site.
  4. You will not do, or omit to do, anything to diminish our rights in the logos or other trade marks.
  5. You shall not use the logos or the words ‘getintopcfree as part of any business or trading name, style or domain name.

You may not link to or reproduce our trademarks or logos other than is allowed in this permission.

Use of Website

You are not allow you to use getintopcfree in a way that may interferes with or restricts the use by other users. You cannot copy or reproduce our web content in any form without seeking permission from us. We hold the right to withdraw this permission for any reason without notice and to demand that you remove any copyrighted material at once.


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